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Union Station – Phase 2

February 10th, 2020|Case Study|

With Jarrell Mechanical’s involvement in the installation of a Distech Building Automation Energy Management System for the Union Station Hotel (in 2018), it was an ideal fit to task Jarrell Mechanical with the extension of the hotel’s BAS to the new HVAC systems in the renovation of the mall area and the addition of the [...]

100 Above the Park

January 9th, 2020|Case Study|

Jarrell Mechanical Contractors is excited to be working with Clayco Corporation on the 100 Above the Park project. This project is a design-build HVAC and DDC Control project. This is a 36 story Luxury Apartment complex that was recently topped out allowing Jarrell Mechanical Contractors to install their inhouse prefabricated mechanical skid consisting of Boilers, [...]

680 Craig Rd

January 9th, 2020|Case Study|

Jarrell is excited to complete this control upgrade project at 680 Craig Road for Larson Capital Group. This building had existing pneumatic HVAC controls that we upgraded to Trane DDC. We implemented occupied/unoccupied space temperature setback along with CO2 based demand-controlled ventilation, optimum start and supply air reset. The estimated savings for this project is [...]

Lincoln County Justice Center

November 20th, 2019|Case Study|

Jarrell Mechanical’s GEMS team is excited to announce the completion of recent HVAC renovations to the Lincoln County Justice Center, a 2 story, 25,732 sf facility with three courtrooms, various administrative offices, and miscellaneous spaces.  The renovations are estimated to reduce electric usage by 82.5% annually and save 76% on the annual bill, an estimated [...]

Concordia Lutheran Church

September 3rd, 2019|Case Study|

The Jarrell Team is excited to announce the newly completed project for the Concordia Lutheran Church.  We worked with The Korte Company on this 35,762 square foot design-build addition, installing HVAC and Plumbing which included new classrooms, kitchen, science/laboratory spaces, cafeteria, art workshop, and kiln room.  The school and the church remained occupied and fully [...]

United States Postal System – Nashville, Tennessee

August 27th, 2019|Case Study|

Jarrell Mechanical just completed the United States Postal System (USPS) project in Nashville, Tennessee.  This was a design HVAC and Plumbing project.  Korte Company was the General Contractor on this 450,000 square foot Mail Processing Annex. The turnkey retrofit included the design and construction of employee and administrative space including offices, conference rooms, support spaces, [...]

Mason Pointe

February 13th, 2019|Case Study|

The Jarrell Team is excited to announce a new project for 2019! We are the HVAC Design/Build Contractor for a 156 Unit independent living apartment addition to the existing Mason Pointe facility. We are teaming up on this 390,000 sq.ft. addition with BSI Constructors as General Contractor, Grubbs & Associates as Architect, and Luthern Senior Services as the [...]

15933 Clayton Rd

January 27th, 2019|Case Study|

We removed one 168 ton Dx chiller and one 350 ton tower and an outdated control system. We went back in with one new 200-ton water cooled chiller and one new 400-ton tower and upgraded the DDC control system with a new Distech control system for the entire building. We also upgraded the two air [...]

Parkway Towers – 225 S. Meramec

January 27th, 2019|Case Study|

We removed two 125 ton water cooled chillers, nine boilers, six pumps and old outdated control system. We went back in with one 270 ton air-cooled chiller, two 99% boilers, three pumps and a new Distech control system to control new chiller/boiler plant and all doors in the building. Jarrell was the design and build [...]

New Project! Ranken Rendering

October 9th, 2018|Case Study|

Jarrell is proud to announce a new project consisting of a  40-ton Trane Voyager VAV and a 50-ton Trane Voyager VAV rooftop units. These units will serve a 22,926 sqft single story facility. The Jarrell Team will be partnering with Contractor, L.Keely Construction and Architect, JEMA.