When it comes to commercial HVAC systems, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions to the fabrication of the piping systems that distribute hot water, chilled water, or natural gas throughout your building. Even the simplest building design can still require a complex network of pipes whose routing requires precision and accuracy. Pre-fabrication of those unique piping systems is a way to honor the individuality of the project, while also implementing standards, protocols, and procedures that save time, reduce cost, increase safety, and improve overall quality.

Whether it’s new construction or a remodel, projects have to be on a strict time schedule. There are so many moving parts that need to work together in order to get the job done: architects, construction workers, glass installers, and interior designers to name a few. Each has their own task that must be performed in sequence, and if one of them hits a snag, they all fall off schedule. One way to avoid snags is to limit the number of cooks in the kitchen. The critical path on the job site is generally one with plenty of foot traffic, materials, and other time sinks. By prefabricating materials in an off-site pre-fab shop, the critical path remains clearer, helping the project to remain on or ahead of schedule. If a pipe system is needed, but can’t be installed yet because a prerequisite phase of work has not yet been completed, that pipe system can be pre-fabricated and stored, ready to be shipped to the site and installed as soon as the prerequisite phase is complete.  Time spent on site is also heavily reduced as the fabrication component was already completed in shop leaving only the install time. This also reduces cost, increases safety, and improves quality.

Quality control is a vital part of any construction project. With piping fabrication, the smallest mistake in the manufacturing of pipe fittings or the installation of the system could lead to a dangerous gas leak (risk of explosion), a damaging water leak (expensive water damage, mold, etc.), or an inefficient air leak (bleeding money to utility bills each month). All measurements and construction must be precise. When an HVAC company fabricates its own pipe in a controlled pre-fabrication shop environment, it can ensure, with strict quality control procedures, that high standards are met. As an added benefit, if any issues do arise during installation, the pipe fabrication shop is standing by, available to remedy the problem quickly, so that the project can move forward with no downtime.

In Jarrell’s new 16,000-square-foot pipe pre-fabrication facility, our expert welders, pipefitters, and cutters fabricate piping for natural gas, steam, hot water, for both new construction and retrofit applications. This facility allows us to do things like fabricate pipe assemblies required by new, roof-mounted HVAC units which are then lifted to the roof by crane leaving only final connections to be made. This drastically cuts down on field labor, allowing for the bulk of the work to be completed in the shop. The shop is a comfortable and controlled environment with less foot traffic, greater safety, better availability of tools and machinery, and more space to operate. This type of work environment increases efficiency and allows Jarrell to offer its services at a better price and in a shorter timeframe. By spending less time in the field on installation, we don’t have to wait for other contractors to have an area built or ready; we can begin fabrication so it’s ready to install when the area is ready. The prefabrication allows for an expedited installation which means we’re not holding up any other construction on the building.

Jarrell has further reduced operational inefficiencies with the implementation of our new, state-of-the-art, pipe pre-fabrication shop in St. Louis.  By working with a vertically integrated company like Jarrell for your heating and cooling systems, you get a streamlined process with greater control and savings. Jarrell believes in efficiency. Our dedicated pipe fabrication shop allows us to meet the most demanding construction schedules safely, under budget, and all while maintaining the highest quality of work. Call Jarrell today at 1-800-729-HVAC (4822) and find out how we can improve your buildings.


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